Project and conference papers presentation on MEDPOWER2018 in Dubrovnik (Cavtat)

The WINDLIPS project results were presented by the team members on the 11th Mediterranean conference on power generation, transmission, distribution and energy conversion (MEDPOWER2018) which was held between 12th and 15th of November 2018 in Dubrovnik (Cavtat), Croatia. Prof. Kuzle presented the basic concepts and project methodology. The most recent results were presented by Josip Đaković, Matej Krpan and Tomislav Baškarad.


Josip Đaković presented the conference paper in session (SES-04) Wind Power Generators: “Effectiveness of Wind Turbine Fast Frequency Response Control on Electrically Distanced Active Power Disturbance Mitigation” (full paper). Also, Tomislav Baškarad presented the paper in session (SES-01) Power System Dynamics: ” Analysis of the Wind Generation Impact on Inertial and Primary Frequency Response of the Croatian Electric Power System” (full paper).

Josip Đaković presenting his work

Tomislav Baškarad presenting his work