Final project dissemination

The roundtable, organized as part of the final workshop of the WINDLIPS project, was held on April 16th, 2021. The roundtable gathered more than 100 participants from the academia and industry.

The roundtable titled “Impact of the mass integration of renewable energy sources on power system stability” was moderated by prof. Igor Kuzle and had 6 speakers from the academia and industry who discussed issues, challenges and solutions of renewable energy integration from the perspective of power system operation, control and stability. Additionally, the speakers presented outcomes of the project.

The roundtable was held virtually over the MS Teams platform, in Croatian. Presentations from the speakers can be found below:

• prof. dr. sc. Igor Kuzle, FER: Ostvarenja na projektu WINDLIPS

• dr. sc. Ninoslav Holjevac, FER: Razvoj prijenosnog sustava Republike Hrvatske s aspekta integracije OIE

• Josip Đaković, mag. ing. Primjena dubokog učenja za prognoziranje proizvodnje iz vjetroelektrana

• Matej Krpan,, FER: lzazovi u integraciji vjetroelektrana s aspekta dinamičke stabilnosti sustava

• Tomislav Baškarad, mag. ing., FER: Sudjelovanje fotonaponskih elektrana u regulaciji frekvencije elektroenergetskog sustava

• dr. sc. Igor lvanković, HOPS: Sinkrofazorska mjerenja u vođenju EES-a s pretežitim udjelom OIE

• mr. sc. Nenad Švarc, HEP – Proizvodnja d.o.o.: Utjecaj integracije OIE na cijenu pomoćnih usluga u elektroenergstskom sustavu RH

Project presentation on SST Osijek 2020 Conference 

International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies (SST) was a conference organized and hosted by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, from 14.-16. October 2020. The WINDLIPS dissemination session “Smart transmission system for wide wind energy integration” was held on October 15th as a part of Special Sessions and Workshops. The session included 5 lectures and was held in cooperation with partners from Croatian System Operator HOPS. The session topics were as follows:

1. WINDLIPS project overview and specifics of integration of wind energy in the Croatian power system
Presenter: Ninoslav Holjevac, FER

2. The importance of ROCOF in inverter-based power systems
Presenter: Tomislav Bašakard, FER

3. The importance of wind energy production forecasting
Presenter: Josip Đaković, FER

4. Meteorological data¸and dynamic thermal rating importance in wind energy production (The presentation was held online)
Presenter: Krešimir Mesić and Elvis Mikac, HOPS

5. Fast frequency reserve in low-inertia system  (The presentation was held online)
Presenter: Matej Krpan, FER

Project presentation on IEEE EUROCON 2019 Conference in Novi Sad

The WINDLIPS dissemination session was held on the 18th International Conference on Smart Technologies IEEE EUROCON 2019 which was held between 1st and 4th of July 2019 in Novi Sad, Serbia. The session included 5 lectures and was held mainly in cooperation with partners from Croatian System Operator HOPS. Additionally, prof. dr. sc. Igor Kuzle was invited as a keynote speaker on the conference. His talk was inside the IoT field and its application to the maintenance. Also, the accepted paper “Techno-economic assessment and optimization of the energy storage unit in the distribution network” was presented on the last day of the conference. This conference provided a good platform for the results discussion and dissemination and the cooperation with the partners from HOPS was strengthened. A detailed report can be found here.

Ninoslav Holjevac presenting the project results

Roundtable discussion 

The roundtable discussion on the topic: “Billing model of balancing energy” was held at Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts on April 17th, 2019. The project team member from HEP-generation, Tomislav Robina, participated in this roundtable. His presentation can be found here.

Tomislav Robina presenting

Intensive PhD course at The University of Manchester 

The team members Matej Krpan and Ninoslav Holjevac attended the professional course “Assessment and Enhancement of Power System Stability of Contemporary and Future Power Networks” which was held between 10th and 12th of April 2019 at the University of Manchester. Some of the course topics were: dynamic stability of the electric power system, modelling of power system components, frequency stability in low-inertia power systems etc. A detailed report can be found here.

The participants listening to a lecture

Project team meeting

The meeting was held at the Department of  Energy and Power System at Faculty of electrical engineering and computing on April 2nd, 2019. Prof. dr. sc. Igor Kuzle held the project presentation (can be found here) in which he presented the project achievements in 2018 and project plans for 2019. A new team member Ninoslav Holjevac was introduced. Also, the project team visited the Smart Grid Laboratory in which the mini hydropower plant has been reconstructed by the project funds.

The project team

Hydropower plant digital control system

Demonstration of hydropower plant control

Short academic visit to The University of Machester, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

During the course of the visit between 13th and 21st of December 2018, the project team member Matej Krpan M.Sc. has met with several professors and researchers with whom he has discussed power systems research and exchanged experiences. He has gained insight into the postgraduate research life of a renowned international university and the cutting-edge research done at The University of Manchester. Specifically, he has talked with professors and researchers about the modelling and control of advanced power system technologies such as wind power plants with inertial response capabilities, batteries and ultracapacitors and other power electronics-based energy sources and storage solutions for power system dynamics studies.

The outcomes of the visit are a better understanding of advanced power system modelling, insight into the workings of a top international university and making academic contacts for potential future collaboration. The additional information can be found here.

The University of Machester

Matej at National Grid Power Systems Research Centre

Visit to HPPs “Hydro North” and TPP “Jertovec”

Team members Goran, Josip and Tomislav have visited a group of three multi-purpose HPPs in the Drava basin (“Varaždin”, “Čakovec” and “Dubrava”) and combined-cycle (gas/steam) TPP “Jertovec” on the 20th December 2018. The hydropower plants are low-pressure, diversion type and with reservoirs for full daily and partial weekly regulation of inflow. All three power plants are controlled from one point, a Control Center situated in Varaždin, which was also part of the visit.

 At HPP “Čakovec” dam

At the water supply channel of HPP “Čakovec”

Project and conference papers presentation on MEDPOWER2018 in Dubrovnik (Cavtat)

The WINDLIPS project results were presented by the team members on the 11th Mediterranean conference on power generation, transmission, distribution and energy conversion (MEDPOWER2018) which was held between 12th and 15th of November 2018 in Dubrovnik (Cavtat), Croatia. Prof. Kuzle presented the basic concepts and project methodology. The most recent results were presented by Josip Đaković, Matej Krpan and Tomislav Baškarad.

Josip Đaković presented the conference paper in session (SES-04) Wind Power Generators: “Effectiveness of Wind Turbine Fast Frequency Response Control on Electrically Distanced Active Power Disturbance Mitigation” (full paper). Also, Tomislav Baškarad presented the paper in session (SES-01) Power System Dynamics: “Analysis of the Wind Generation Impact on Inertial and Primary Frequency Response of the Croatian Electric Power System” (full paper).

Josip Đaković presenting his work

Tomislav Baškarad presenting his work

Posters on 13th Symposium On Power System Management, Rovinj

Two conference posters were presented at the 13th Symposium on Power System Management which was held between 5th and 7th of November 2018 in Rovinj, Croatia. The titles of papers are: “Modelling Of Photovoltaic Power Plant” (full paper; poster) and “Status and Classification Of Methods For Predicting Electric Power Production From Wind Power Plants” (full paper; poster). The posters were presented by Josip Đaković.

 Josip Đaković presenting the posters

Project presentation at the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia

The WINDLIPS project was presented to the Korean Delegation by prof. Igor Kuzle at the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia. The event was held on September 7th, 2018. The list of participants is available here. The presentation can be found here.

prof. Kuzle presenting

Participation on the Summer School on Smart Grid in University of Salerno, Italy

Two project team members, Tomislav Baškarad and Josip Đaković, participated on the Summer School on Smart Grid (Smart Grid Ancillary services: the effective utilization of integrated DERs, including ESRs, for their provision) which was held between 2nd to 5th July 2018 in University of Salerno, one of the largest in southern Italy. Its structure consists of modern buildings which offer many efficient services for teaching, research and student life in general.
The School provided an overview on problems, methodologies, techniques and economic assessment approaches related to the evaluation, planning and management of DERs to enable the deeper penetrations of integrated renewable resources at both the distribution and transmission levels. The School lectures were held by leading, world-class experts and leading industry practitioners, who presented tutorials on some of the cutting-edge developments in the smart grid area and discussed the remaining challenges which have to be solved in a transition towards more flexible power systems. As a part of the School program, participants have visited  TERNA Dispatching Centre of South of Italy. The School program can be found here.

The picture of participants at the opening of School with Rector of the University of Salerno

Tomislav and Josip listening to a lecture with other participants

Presentation at TERNA 

The project poster on “Energy Days” at Faculty of electrical engineering and computing 

As a part of Zagreb Energy Week held between 7th to 12th May 2018, the project poster was presented in the Energy Days poster session at FER. The poster can be found here.

Project team visiting Smart Grid Lab

The project team has visited the Smart Grid Laboratory at the Faculty of electrical engineering and computing on May 3rd, 2018. The lab is designed such that it appropriately describes the Croatian power system within which the project simulation results will be experimentally tested.  During the visit, the operation of the renewed mini hydropower plant (20 kVA) was demonstrated.

The project team at the SG Lab

Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting was held at Department of  Energy and Power System at Faculty of electrical engineering and computing on February 12th, 2018. Team members, work packages leaders, and two new employed PhD students, Josip Đaković M.Sc. and Tomislav Baškarad M.Sc.  have been introduced. Prof. dr. sc. Igor Kuzle held the project presentation, which can be found here, and also two similar European projects (Enhanced Frequency Control Capability, National Grid UK; MIGRATE, Horizon 2020) were presented by Josip and Tomislav. The project methodology and objectives have been defined.